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February 15, 2007



Frenchwomen DO get fat. This Giuliano is just provoking and developing stereotypes to get money.


This is so on the money! When I lived in France I smoked for the same reason, so I could look busy while not saying a word. I did lose weight but also brought home a terrible habit. I still chew Nicorette to keep from relapsing.

Yes, the food may have less additives and they may eat smaller portions, but you are right the real secret is cigarettes and let's be honest chain smoking cigarettes. I never finished a cigarette in France without someone offering me another immediately after. Brilliant post! Maybe you should write the book.

Johanna, 365 Days of Drawing, All Things French

this was hilarious...I was in France last October. I was amazed at the smoking...and how thin the french women were. Portions didn't seem that small or moderate.

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