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June 10, 2007



HA! So true... So true. The cultures are really THAT different.


False abut the sports. Rugby is the second biggest sport, then you also have all the other team sports which are loved in Europe : volley ball, handball, and since quite recently basket-ball, plus all the rest.

It's done differently here, we talk in cafés, always around food! ;-p


False about lots of things. Are you sure you lived in France?

I was going to write many naughty things (kind of: if Frenchwomen are so fit, that's because they don't eat junk food all day ! I don't smoke, neither do all my friends, and we're all very fit).

But then I realized that your comments about the french way of life may be jokes, and that I was supposed to laugh at it.

So even though I'm french and my country is a way different from your description of it, I'm going to laugh!


I married a German who was raised from 8 until 18 in France. So you could say I married a German Frenchman and I can echo this post very well. He was never into sports and many of our favorites here I have to explain to him. Baseball and American Football are completely foreign to him. But I wouldn't trade him for anyone else. He's the best match for me.


Uhh, was the thing about so few french people going to college a joke?? If so, then please forgive me for not catching your humour:) but if not..you should really look up the statistics on that...education is supreme there...especially compared to ours in the US.

luckily i enjoy soccer and rugby...MUCH MUCH more than football or baseball..i mean don't get me wrong..i'm not choosing soccer or rugby over dancing with the stars...but you know..i'd watch a game, cuddled with my frenchman:)


I agree with the sports idea...but then I don't really watch or participate in many mainstream American sports so that was never a problem with me and my French boyfriend. Soccer (aka football) I can appreciate, although he isn't much of a sports fanatic either so it was never really an issue. What I really love about him is his ability to argue. I say one thing, he automatically plays devil's advocate and that sparks some intriguing debates. I love his views on American society. Dating a man from a different culture makes you look at your own upbringing and American ways in a completely different light, which can teach you a lot. He complains CONSTANTLY, or at least in my American mind, his negative comments about the weather, society, politics, etc. are complaints, but they also spark a great deal of discussion. I'm never bored with him, constantly amused and challenged by his observations, and these are things I value in a partner. We have learned so much from one another since we first met, and I appreciate every moment that I have been given with him. Perhaps in the end this is not due to him being French, but to him being a very special and valued person in my life, who has definitely made my experience a richer one.

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