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I Married a Frenchman, had an adorable now creating my empire.


Growing up in small town Ohio but now living in California's wine country in the house I sought for three years, I hang out with my daughter and make sure she has a good life.

I married my French husband on a lark 14 years ago.....surpisingly we still hang out with each other. We have laughed and learned a lot....not easily but can't we all look back and laugh??

My husband travels all the time in his business of professional sailing (yes, it exists and he is paid to sail!) so I take my daughter and travel as much as he does. We usually have more fun.

I grow grapes, manage vacation rentals, enjoy wine and expand my real estate I explain to my daughter - the real estate market lets me stay home with you...


traveltraveltravel, learning about wines, lunching, real estate collecting, good salads, gossip mags, opening my inbox, learning from children, laughing, smiling, easy money, traveling alone with my daughter, listening to friends